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Working with your team, we deep dive though your existing content and branding, noting your objectives, target audience and value proposition. This early stage includes scripting, storyboarding and style development


At this point, we have the video storyboarded, so there’s nothing left to do but film. This includes setting up interviews, capturing supporting footage or building graphics for animation.


After production, the video is brought to life through thoughtful editing or animation choices. As the story is pieced together, supporting footage, motion graphics and transitions are added to enhance the overall quality.

Review / Hosting

After the video is completed, it is added to a client portal for review. This final stage is all about polishing with your team and stakeholders’ notes and feedback. After final approval, our team can assist with hosting and managing campaigns.

Our process

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Our founders

Brent and Luke started JustAddVideo back in 2016 after working as the in-house video team for a marketing agency that was focused on discovering a company's value proposition - the thing that makes them unique and stand out from their competitors.


They've taken what they learned and have applied these learnings to video, ensuring clients don't just get a video that looks great - they get a video that drives action.

Co-founder, Creative Director

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Co-founder, Production Director

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Our story

Just Add Video is a production company located in Jacksonville, FL, though we work with clients around the country. When you hire us, you aren’t just getting a person pointing a camera -- we collaborate with you to translate your passion for your product or service to your customers.

We make it a priority to discover, define and translate your value proposition in a way that is clear and engaging. We work as an extension of your team, collaborating on every step of the production journey, from concept, scripting, and production through to implementation and testing.

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