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What Are My Options for Event Filming?

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Two most common questions we get about events are:

  1. Do you film events?

  2. Can you live stream our event?

The answer to both of these is yes, but event filming doesn’t stop there. Capturing b-roll, testimonials, producing ‘Day Two” recap videos, event intro videos, live-streaming commercials, hosting media centers - it’s a lot to consider and the possibilities can be overwhelming at first. To keep it simple, we don’t want to focus on the ‘how’ with regards to the process and setup, but rather the ‘what.’

“What are our options and how can they benefit our attendee’s experience during our event?”

Filming Sessions

From finding venues to contacting speakers to organizing schedules, events take a lot of work to produce, so it makes sense to record them and reuse the content afterwards. Most companies and event organizers usually reach out because they need their main stage and speakers to be recorded.

The basic setup for event filming consists of 3-4 cameras, with a live capture of the slide presentation. These camera angles typically include a wide, tight and creative angle, along with a crowd camera to capture audience reactions and participation. These feeds are sent to our table (usually in the back of the room) where our team live-switches the presentation, allowing for near-instant delivery of the final edited session.

One way to elevate the audience experience is to set up relay screens of the video feed in the room so attendees in the back can all get a close up view of the speaker. For larger events, individual cameras can be displayed near / next to the slide feed.


Because we are live-switching sessions, we are also able to stream the feed online at the same high-quality as the recordings. This feed can be embedded on your website or sent through platforms like Zoom, Facebook, and YouTube (we can even do multiple at once).

We’ll work directly with your team to gather information about the agenda, speaker titles, and to test streaming options prior to the event. We’ll also communicate with the venue to ensure we have access to the internet, sound and on screen presentations.

Some clients charge for these livestreams, whereas others offer them to everyone for free. The benefit of free live streaming can be getting more reach, as well as getting the live-stream paid for by sponsors and exhibitors by running commercials on breaks.

Going beyond filming sessions

We’ve summed up those first two original questions in a nutshell, but there is a lot more that can be done to heighten the event experience, both in terms of audience engagement and marketing afterwards.

Event B-roll and Attendee Testimonials

Capturing footage for use in future promos and recap videos is our most recommended and typically the most requested add on with event filming. The term "b-roll" is video-speak for supporting footage, and for events this includes:

  • Attendees registering

  • Networking / enjoying lunch

  • Engaging with vendors

  • Attending main / breakout sessions

  • Event parties/ cocktail hours

This footage, mixed with attendee testimonials can be used to promote your event the following year and to promote individual sessions. Below is a recap video we recently put together from the Feedback Labs Summit where we did exactly that.

"Feedback Labs had a great experience using Just Add Video to livestream our annual Summit and produce video content around the event. The team was easy to work with and produced high-quality content. We would work with them again."

- Britt Lake, Feedback Labs

Event Intro Videos:

A welcome video can be a great way to start a conference and build energy and anticipation for what’s to come. They are great for creatively showing the theme and reiterating what this event is about.

For a virtual event, the platforms recommend creating a welcome video that gives viewers a tour of the platform and how to get the most value from the event.

Day 2 Videos

For events that span multiple days, a ‘Day 2 Video’ may be a great way to kick off that morning and keep attendee excitement up. Day 2 Videos are edited with footage from the first day of the event (sometimes mixed with a few testimonials) to upbeat music. We find that these always provide a big boost of energy when attendees see themselves on screen and feel the magic of video being created in real time.

Media Centers

For larger events, specifically marketing companies, a live media center can be a useful addition for multiple reasons. Media Centers can be a great opportunity to sit down with a speaker to recap their session and go deeper into some of their talking points. This content can be useful especially when live streaming as something to fill gaps in sessions, and both afterwards as marketing material as well as for case studies.

Making you life easier

Throwing events is hard, so we want to make your experience as easy as possible. If you have an event coming up that you need filmed, reach out and we can help you create a plan that will maximize our ROI!

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