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Optimize Time & Profit Using Online Training Videos

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

We should always be trying to optimize our lives. Whether it’s physical or mental, making tasks easier is how we are able to expand our capabilities. It’s why technology exists! And we believe this to be true for video as well, both in how it’s crafted, and more importantly, what it’s used for. If you or your business participate in on-site training, you know the process - schedule, travel, lecture, rinse and repeat. On-site or in-person training can be extremely taxing, and it may not be the best way to monetize your time. It begs the question - how can we optimize it?

You probably see where this is going….Enter video!

Video is great for optimizing repetitive tasks by allowing you to provide the same expert content with less work. When creating an online training series, you effectively remove factors like scheduling and traveling, while making your content available to anyone with a screen and internet connection. The benefits of sharing video is an obvious one, but how exactly do you go about creating a training-focused video? What is the process and requirements from both you, and your production company of choice? It returns us to the question,’how it’s crafted.’ There’s using video to optimize a process, but there’s also optimizing the process of actually creating the video.

Our method: We’ve done dozens of training videos, some that are for profit, some that are focused on getting contact information, and some that are just free resources - but no matter how you intend to release them, the way they are made is usually the same. It all starts with your lecture. Many people already have their presentations built and know their content forwards and backwards. If you’ve got that, your part is half completed. We’ll do a walk-through with you to understand the content, and it’s off to the studio.

♪ “Film-ing time, turn on all the (studio) lights on over every boy and every girl.” ♪ Bad song parodies aside, it’s time to get filming! We recommend this be done in a green screen studio for two main reasons:

  1. Complete control of environment, including lighting and sound.

  2. Allows you to change the presentation and background at any time.

The former is fairly obvious - you need a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. The latter is important because it’s how we are able to change your slides and backgrounds at anytime during the process without needing to re-record everything. By having the slide as it’s own layer (which we record as you present), we are able to swap individual slides out at anytime during the process, even after you’ve completed your presentation. Whether you had a spelling mistake or a change in branding, it’s as easy as swapping in the new slide(s) out for the old.

That applies to the backdrop as well. Whether you want a realistic environment, or one that is graphics-based or even animated, green screen provides you complete freedom. We make it a point to factor in your branding in as well, while considering your audience. Add a little color correcting and walah!

What if I don’t have a presentation build?

Don’t think that you need a presentation to create an online course. This video features Jon Temple, who is a master in his craft and trains other pool plasterers across the globe. Their other training take place at job sites, but he wanted an entry 101 series that could inform both pool-builders and homeowners trying to pick a finish color for their pool. The example below was planned without slides, opting instead to create all of the graphics and animations from scratch. We kept them simple, emphasizing his message.

Check out the full course and training page at

We even have seen clients who do both, with longer training having presentations, and shorter, promotional training that are more graphical based. NextAfter promotes their courses in a similar way, below:

Slight digression, but these are actually amazing courses for marketers, for-profit or non-profit, that are also entirely free! We are not paid to promote them - we recommend them simply because they are great resources. You can find them all at

What if I don’t even want to ‘be in it’?

So you don’t have slides. And you don’t want to actually present. We don’t need a presentation or even you to appear in your online training video - all we really need is your information.

What does that mean? The video below was created by doctors to share with their patients, and all it took from them was an outline that we turned into a script and later this mix of animation and live-action.

Beyond just producing the training videos, our team is capable of implementing an LMS (Learning Management System) into your existing site. This is a place where students can enroll, participate and pay for your classes.

No matter how you want to share your expertise, we want to help! We’ve streamlined the process to save you time and effort, because after all, that’s kind of the whole point. Reach out if you have something you are passionate about sharing, and we can make it a reality.

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