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YouTube Video Production Case Study: NIO Summit 2023 Spoof Commercials Campaign

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

For this year's NIO Summit, NextAfter wanted to try more video marketing on Youtube and streaming sites. We decided on a parody-approach to rival the typical event promos we create. We call this campaign the "Spoof Campaign", for obvious reasons. A few examples from this campaign can be found below.

Most Effective Fundraiser in the World

This ad is a spoof on the old Dos Equis, "Most Interesting Man in the World" but with a generosity-twist.

Whopper of an Event!

Spoof on Burger King's "Whopper" ads based on their own ads from the 80s.

Where's the Beef?

Spoof on Wendy's ads from the 80s of the same name.

Breaking News - Win a Car Reveal

This ad is less of a spoof, but mimics the look and style of the local news.

Fundraising Genius

Continuing on the beer-theme (we promise we don't have a drinking problem), this ad spoofs Budweiser's old, "Real Men of Genius" ads.

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