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Featured Projects - Summer 2022

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Well everyone, it's the scariest time of the year and I'm not talking about tax time. Now that we're into fall, we wanted to post some our favorite projects from the last couple of months. Here at Just Add Video, we are constantly learning and testing new ideas and concepts for new clients, trying to discover what works in video marketing. Below are some recent video's we've worked on, including:

  • ARIVE Software Explainer Videos

  • NIO Summit 2022

  • Wycliffe's 2022 Presidents Forum

  • Strike-Zone Fishing Kayak Reviews

ARIVE Animated Videos (multiple brands)

ARIVE is a new moving / tracking software that Suddath has developed for their various brands. This video was unique in that we had to make multiple versions for all of there different brands, each with their unique color pallette and logo / VO. Knowing this early in the process, we were able to building the project to allow for easy color edits across all backgrounds and characters, resulting in cheaper individual brand versions.


NIO Summit 2022 - Event Recap and Intro Video

Last quarter, we showed off some of the Wizard of Oz-themed trailers, and having completed the event this September, we wanted to share the day 2 recap video, as well as the intro that kicked off the entire event. This intro video rolled right seamlessly into an on-stage performance that continued the story.

Wycliffe's 2022 President's Forum - Recap Video and Event Videos

In addition to NIO Summit, this time of year also marks Wycliffe's annual President's Forum, which we were honored to film the sessions for, in addition to making videos that played during the event and a recap video, similar to the one above.

This video was Part 1 of a 4-part timeline series for their 80 year celebration. Being a bible translator, we decided to go with a paper / origami-style and ink overlays. Their pictures we were able to colorize, and headshots were brought to live using AI.


Strike-Zone Fishing Kayak Reviews

Recently we completed a series for Strike-Zone's line of kayaks that covers each one in detail, saving their team time from having to endlessly explain each one to every customer interested. Of the several kayaks, we also planned short clips for social that promote the kayaks and visiting the site for the full videos.

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