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Featured Projects - Winter 2022

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Here at Just Add Video, we are constantly learning and testing new ideas and concepts for new clients, trying to discover what works in video marketing. We like to share what we've been working on and what we've learned to help others understand new ideas and ways to use video in their own marketing. Below are some of our favorite video projects from the last few months, including commercials, explainer videos, events, animations, online courses and more!

Southern Slice: Explainer Video

Southern Slice is a new, local catering truck for high-end events and weddings serving artisanal, Italian-inspired pizzas with a southern flare. With their truck acting as a center piece, they wanted a video to share that shows what guests can expect when they roll in. We decided to use the Jacksonville Landing as the backdrop and staged a small gathering of guests to show the truck and brick over in action. For them and many other businesses, it's usually best to show, not just tell.


Suddath's Van Operator of the Year

Every year, Suddath spotlights a few of their top-tier drivers in a video interview. Our process for these types of videos is to interview the subject from the client's provided questions, marking opportunities for specific b-roll. With only a half day shoot and one location, the challenge is getting as much footage as possible, while also keeping shots unique to each driver so the videos don't look all the same. But with talent like George Bailey, our job is made quite a bit easier!


NextAfter's Value Proposition Online Course

NextAfter are the kings of all-things testing and marketing in the non-profit space, and much of their learnings they share for free through their online courses. We've helped make most of them which can be found on their site, and we highly recommend them to any nonprofit looking to get more donors (which should be all of them). Because they are located in Texas, we built them a full greenscreen studio which they use for recording these courses, among other things. By capturing the screen recordings simultaneously, we are able to quickly edit together the 40+ sections that these courses are typically comprised of.


Reployment: Explainer Video Update

This video is actually an updated version of their previous animated version, also made by us. After a few years of focus-testing and updating their service and platform, they needed a new video that reflected those changes.

One thing they learned from their focus groups was that while people enjoyed the animated version of the video, the feedback made it clear that their audience actually missing seeing real people. For a service like this that is based around human connection and empathy, this feedback makes sense (we actually have a post about this that goes into more detail). So for version two, we incorporated more footage, mixed with graphics, to bring in this human element that the previous version was missing. It's a good lesson that you should be testing video, and that sometimes the best way to understand your audience is to simply ask.


Feedback + Summit: Event Recap

Feedback Labs brought us in to film and live stream their event, while also capturing testimonials and b-roll. The video above is a mix of everything to be used as a recap / promo for next year's event.


Mission Morale: Testimonial

Lastly we have Mission Morale, a local non-profit that we have supported for the last few years. We've made several videos for them in the past recapping their events, so this year we wanted to look at the non-profit from the perspective of a military family who recently started volunteering. It's a great charity and we recommend checking them out at their site.

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