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Featured Projects - Fall 2022

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Here at Just Add Video, we are constantly learning and testing new ideas and concepts for new clients, trying to discover what works in video marketing. Below are some recent video's we've worked on, including:

  • Fundraising Genius Commercials

  • Strike-Zone Fishing Holiday Ad Campaign

  • Pool Wash Explainer Video

  • NextAfter Holiday Video

Fundraising Genius Commercials

NextAfter is starting a series of new television commercials based on old famous ads, such as Budweiser's "Real Men of Genius", which is what the above video is parodying.

Strike-Zone Fishing Holiday Ad Campaign

Each year, Strike-Zone Fishing runs a series of ads for their holiday deals on social media and Youtube.

Civics Online Course (Trailer)

We helped Belmont Abbey College create a 4-part course, including supporting graphics and animations.

Pool Wash Explainer Video

Tempool, a long time client of ours, created a new solution for finishing pools that doesn't require harmful acids and fumes. We filmed on location with them to create a series of commercials.

NextAfter Holiday Video

Each year, NextAfter creates holiday videos to share with their clients. This year, we wanted to focus more on the spirit of giving and generosity, which plays into NextAfter's mission to discover what truly works in online fundraising.

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