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Three tips for constructing a good value proposition video

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

If you’re not a marketer by trade, you may have no idea what we mean when we say “value proposition.” To sum it up simply, your value proposition is why a customer should choose your service or product over someone else’s, or not at all.

It’s the heart of marketing, and what defines your company to the outside world. It sounds simple, but being able to quickly and clearly convey that message is where it becomes difficult. We’ve found that many companies struggle with expressing it in a way that the world will care enough to listen.

For us, our value proposition is in our expertise producing high-quality, creative videos that work within brand standards to engage viewers. We decided that the best way to convey that value proposition was by actually doing it for ourselves.

I want to quickly point out a few tips that apply to any good value proposition video, or as we also call it, a landing page video. For this discussion, I will be using aur animation video as an example:

Tip #1. Give the audience someone to engage with

For starters, we decided that our video should be hosted by myself, the Art Director for Just Add Video in lieu of having a professional voice over. While a good voice over works best for certain types of videos, in our case, having us explain the work that we do built credibility into our value prop, while also introducing potential clients to the people to whom they are entrusting their brand to.

We enjoy working one-on-one with companies to understand what will work best for their brand, so being in the video ourselves was important to convey that. However, for companies where that relationship or trust is built by focusing on other areas of the business or product – a revolutionary approach, better results, etc - an engaging voiceover speaking over either animation or footage can show off that value more effectively.

Tip #2. Plan out the message you want to convey

When we started filming this video, we wanted to make sure that it set a standard that new customers could instantly recognize and appreciate, even without any video production expertise.

We started by recognizing our own value proposition, and mapping out what we wanted people to take away from this landing page video.

In order to make sure we covered those things, we crafted a short script. It was important to note that a landing page or value proposition script be no longer than two minutes long, unless you’ve done testing with your customers that proves otherwise. A study by video platform Wistia found that most people’s attention span lasts for about 90 seconds, then drop off heavily from there.

Remember that value proposition videos typically work best not as a replacement for website copy, but rather to engage people with that copy, so really try to focus on the overarching message. A good script is the most important part of any video, because no level of visuals can compensate for a weak message.

Tip #3. Visually highlight your best assets

Just Add Video is equipped with a full, in-studio green screen set, so we knew we had to highlight it in our landing page video. We decided to show off our ability to create quality motion graphics while using the green screen.

For this video, we decided to utilize the green screen to not only use past client work for examples, but our own brand as well. This allowed us to fully flex one of our strengths in the video - our ability to work with other companies existing style guides, and create graphics and animations that reflect their distinct style and personality, while making them engaging for video.

Where many animation companies reuse styles and graphics to cut costs, we’re proud to create everything from scratch while keeping clients within budget.

In the end, we wanted to show not only our abilities, but also our excitement for crafting quality videos. When making your own video, you should be excited about your company, and your product. But to appear excited, you first need to be confident that your message and video are focused and will be engaging.

By going through this process ourselves, we were able to understand at a new level what our clients questions, concerns and focus should be.

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